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“This book is a magnificent complement to the Meteor documentation, and a great option for anyone wanting to learn Meteor.”
“This book is a tremendous introduction to Meteor. I wish we had it six months ago when we started working on Meteor and Gander. Every current and potential Meteor developer should read it.”

David Wihl

“You will learn so much and get through the book so quickly that you will want to develop your own web app with Meteor in an instant. Be warned: You will be giddy with excitement at how easy it is to get stuff done with Meteor.”

Richard Bovell

Javascript Is Sexy
The level of detail put into every aspect of this book is phenomenal. It's one of the few books I own that is educational, asset-rich, beautiful, and turns something somewhat complicated into a fun adventure.”

Cory Simmons

“Meteor just makes many things so simple and your book makes it easy to learn them. I think this is honestly one of the best purchases I've made in the past few years.”

Anders Haig


Most impressive for me was the presentation of this book. The book is made to be opened alongside your development tools and provides an interactive experience for working your way through the examples.”

Max Rohde

Missing Link
“I wish that I had read the book a couple of months ago. It would have saved me several weeks of reading Stack Overflow posts and struggling with the Meteor documentation”

Stephen Walther
“The book does a good job both as a tutorial and as a source of gaining a little understanding of the "magic" that happens behind the Meteor scenes.”

Zef Hemel

“It’s not always easy to get started with a new web framework, but this book makes learning Meteor fun and accessible.”

Alex Young

“I greatly enjoyed reading the book and would greatly recommend it to anyone wanting to check out what this Meteor thing is.”
“This is the most platform agnostic development training I’ve ever seen. It’s a Q&A session short of full-service training.

Peter Christensen

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“I can't put into words how much [the book] helps to get a “big picture” for a real app. You'll be able to bang out a Reddit clone in a weekend after reading it.”
“[The book] was the only guide that really helped show how to organize a larger-scale app with lot of code. Furthermore, I found going back to reference chapters made it easier to implement certain common functionality in my app.”
“So much stuff in here that's been a pain to figure out via scattered posts and confusing docs. Go pick this up if you want to learn Meteor.”
“This book contains the real life experience that you can't get it from reading the docs. So this is the best way to get started with Meteor.”

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