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The book comes in two different flavors. Pick the one that's best for you!

The Meteor ecosystem has changed a lot in recent months. We still think Discover Meteor is a great introduction to Meteor's basic concepts, but if you prefer more advanced material we suggest checking out the official Meteor Guide as well as our own free Study Plan for Meteor 1.3.

Codename: Main Sequence The Book

Quickly get proficient with Meteor, and get a good base to explore further on your own.

The Book

The core of Discover Meteor. The book's 25 chapters will put you on the road to Meteor mastery.

  • The Book

    The book in PDF, HTML, ePub, and Kindle formats.

  • Members Area

    Access to the online version of the book.

  • The Code

    The app's git repository, with a commit for each step.

  • Live Instances

    Live instances of the app corresponding to each commit.

Codename: Red Giant Full Edition

Master Meteor's intricacies, and take an in-depth look into the framework's more advanced features. You'll get the book, plus:

Extra Chapters

Extra chapters show you how to integrate your Meteor app with third-party services to give it extra capabilities.

  • RSS Feeds & APIs

    Add an RSS feed and an API using server-side routes.

  • Working With External APIs

    Learn how use data from the Bitly API inside your app.

  • Integrating Intercom

    Learn how to integrate messaging app Intercom into Microscope.

  • Migrations

    Learn about database migrations, and how they work with Meteor.


Get to know the people behind Meteor and Meteor projects.

  • Matt Debergalis

    Meteor founder Matt Debergalis explains how Meteor is different from other frameworks.

  • Andrew Wilcox

    Meteor open-source contributor Andrew Wilcox introduces the Offline Data project.

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Note that you can upgrade from one package to another at any point, just for the price difference.