Last Saturday, we held the first ever Discover Meteor Workshop at the Meteor HQ. The concept was simple: participants had four hours to work their way through Discover Meteor and learn as much as they could.

Meteor experts were at hand to answer any questions, and both the workshop itself and access to the book were completely free.

The 56 participants ranged from experienced Meteor devs, to coders with previous Rails or PHP experience, all the way to people taking their first steps building web apps.

The Discover Meteor Day Workshop.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that once readers got past the installation and deployment chapters, they didn’t seem to encounter too many stumbling blocks and were able to follow along with the book on their own. Which I guess means we’re doing something right!

Working out the intricacies of Meteor.

Terrific TAs

I don’t think I would’ve been able to handle 50 students on my own. Thankfully, I didn’t have to, since I got help from a dream team of Meteor masters: Alice, Jade, and Emily from the Meteor team, Meteor Chicago captain Pallavi Anderson, Mitar from PeerLibrary, and James and Michael from remote coding app MadEye.

James tutoring a new Meteorite.

In fact, James and Michael even took advantage of the opportunity to showcase a very cool new feature of MadEye: the ability to share your locally hosted Meteor app with the world through a temporary tunnel.

Making A Connection

Selling digital products is great, but it’s easy to forget about the human element when all communication happens online. So I was really happy to finally get the chance to see people reading the book live and talk to our readers.

Exchanging Meteor tips with Pallavi.

From that point of view, the workshop was an outstanding success, with people driving all the way from San Luis Obispo and flying in from Chicago just to participate.

Tim drove three hours each way to attend the workshop.

And I also think the workshop created tangible value for the attendees. In fact, someone could be using the skills they picked up that day to build the next Facebook as we speak!

Discovering Meteor

Seeing how easily novices picked up the framework convinced me once more that Meteor is one of the best frameworks for beginners.

The room was so packed we even had people on the couch.

What’s really exciting is that this opens up web app development to people who wouldn’t otherwise have the time or knowledge to build one: scientists, researchers, or teachers can quickly build small, ad-hoc apps that fill very specific needs without necessarily having to master a more complex traditional web development stack.

So I’m very excited to see what the future holds for both Meteor and our book. And who knows, a Discover Meteor Workshop might be coming soon to a city near you… If you’re interested, drop us a line to learn more!