Taking those first couple steps with a new framework can feel daunting when you don’t know where to look. So here are some resources to help you join in:

Getting Started

  • The Meteor Website is a good place to start. Watch the screen casts, get excited, learn about the ecosystem.
  • Chris Mather’s Evented Mind is an amazing set of screencasts explaining various meteor concepts.
  • Gabriel Manricks wrote a great post walking through the basic concepts of Meteor.
  • Andrew Scala wrote an awesome introductory walkthrough (which is a little out of date sadly).
  • Learning Meteor contains some posts working through getting off the ground.


  • The Meteor Docs has all the details on core Meteor’s extensive APIs.
  • If you need a package that isn’t included in core, take a look at the Atmosphere package repository for a list of 3rd party packages designed to work with the framework.

Questions and answers

  • Search Stack Overflow questions tagged with Meteor to find answers to technical questions. Be aware that due to the rapidly changing nature of the framework, some older questions and answers maybe not be as relevant.
  • The Meteor Talk mailing list also contains many questions and answers about thornier topics.


  • The Meteor Core mailing list is devoted to issues about the core meteor platform, if you are interested in getting down to the nitty gritty.
  • Reading the source is a very useful resource; it’s well written and (mostly) comprehendible javascript code. It also includes a set of example applications written by the developers themselves.

Notable Applications

  • Made With is a list of applications built with meteor (most of the applications are long in the tooth however).
  • Telescope is a social news platform (build by the authors of this blog!).
  • League lets you organize your sports team.
  • Tunesicle is a music app for listening to songs on YouTube.