2014 is going to be a very exciting year for Meteor: Meteor’s 1.0 release is getting closer, Galaxy (Meteor’s official hosting platform) will be coming out too, and key Meteor tools and services like Meteorite and Atmosphere will see big updates as well.


We have big things in store for Discover Meteor too. And to kick things off, we’ve just pushed a big update to the book, including:

  • Two new chapters.
  • Five updated chapters.
  • More free content.
  • And a surprise

Read on to learn more. And of course like every past update, this one is completely free for people who have already bought the book.

Two New Chapters

We’ve added two completely new chapters. The first one is about Git & GitHub, and gives you a quick overview of how to best use those tools when following along with the book. It’s primarily geared towards readers new to Git-based workflows, but even if you’ve got some experience with them you might still learn a thing or two.

Learning to take full advantage of GitHub.

The second chapter (which is part of our extra chapters) is about database migrations and the brand new Migrations package. It explains what migrations are, and how to use them in the context of a Meteor app.

Five Updated Chapters

We rewrote the Deployment chapter from scratch to cover deploying on Meteor.com and Modulus, as well as on your own server using Meteor Up.

The Publications and Subscriptions chapter has also been rewritten to incorporate the content of our popular blog post about Understanding Meteor Publications & Subscriptions.

Extra chapters focus on augmenting your app with third-party services, such as Intercom or Bitly.

And finally, three extra chapters (RSS Feeds & APIs, Using External APIs, and Implementing Intercom) have been updated to work with Iron Router, and in the case of the Intercom chapter to match the new Intercom package.

Extra Chapters: Now In The Full Edition Too!

Speaking of extra chapters, we have great news: all four extra chapters will now be available to Full Edition readers too, and not just as part of the Premium Edition. And once again, all for free.

We’re doing this because whether it’s asking questions, raising issues, or suggesting alternative ways of doing something, reader feedback has hugely contributed to improving the book so far. So we figure that if more people have access to these extra chapters, they’ll end up becoming even better.

A New, Beautiful Layout

The new Discover Meteor layout.

Finally, we’re also introducing an improved layout for the book featuring big, beautiful photos of (what else) meteors. After all, just because Discover Meteor is a programming book doesn’t mean it should look like one.

Huge thanks to Flickr users Richard, Mike Lewinski, Phil Mosby, Bård Harald Krogen, monomaniacgarage, and Mark Ezell for letting us use their gorgeous shots of night skies from around the world.

We also redesigned the log in page as well as the various associated forms (account confirmation, password reset, etc.).

This involved switching away from Meteor’s accounts-ui package to our own custom-built accounts system. But that’s a story for another day (or maybe a topic for another extra chapter!).

So go check out the redesigned book and let us know what you think!