We recently held a special sale and contest to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Discover Meteor.

The sale was supposed to only last a week, but it went so well that we ended up extending it for a couple extra days, until yesterday.

A Few Numbers

I thought it’d be interesting to share a few of our sale numbers. After all, you often hear the old cliché that “you can’t sell to developers”. Well, I guess the more people who believe that, the better for us!

Altogether, we had 313 sales during the 10 days of the sale (May 19 to May 28). This breaks down to 258 new sales and 55 upgrades from one edition to another.

As a point of comparison, during a similar period (from May 5 to May 14) we only (relatively speaking) got 74 sales (71 new sales and 3 upgrades).

This amounts to a 259% increase in new sales and a 1733% (!!) increase in upgrades, for an overall increase of 422% in total sales. I could’ve titled this post “How To Increase Your Sales By 422%”, but I don’t think anybody would’ve believed me…

Feeling Supported

Seeing how many people upgraded makes us especially happy. Somebody buying the book for the first time can be a fluke, or maybe they hated it (although we’ll happily refund your money if that’s the case).

But upgrading means people really appreciate what we’re doing, and want to support us. And of course the financial support is great, but that moral support means a lot to us, too.

If you’re an eBook author or a software entrepreneur yourself, the lesson to take from all this is that it all boils down to building a community. The Discover Meteor community (as well as the larger Meteor community) is the only reason we can do cool stuff like getting the book translated for free and contributing to open-source projects.

The Contest

We’ve also picked 10 winners for our contest (using Random.org’s random number generator). They’ll each receive one month of Evented Mind access, one month of Meteor APM access, and a Discover Meteor t-shirt.

Speaking of the shirts, those of you present at the last Devshop or HTML5 DevConf got a preview of what they look like. But if you missed those events don’t worry, they’ll be available for sale right here very soon!