We got a lot of great feedback on the two screencasts that we included in the Full Edition package. So for the Premium Edition, we decided to get Evented Mind’s Chris Mather to help us again with two more screencasts.

The only problem is knowing what the screencasts should be about. Oh, we have a few ideas of course, but we thought it would be more fun if you could contribute directly!

So pick your three favorite ideas from the list below, and we’ll get Chris to cover the two topics who get the most votes. Here are the topics we’re considering:

  • Fibers: How to properly integrate asynchronous node libraries into Meteor’s synchronous fold.

  • Integrating Stripe: Using the popular payment provider easily from within your app.

  • Visualizing Reactivity: Using the reactive-vision package to learn how reactive changes propagate through your app.

  • Implementing Search: Using a common pattern to add full-text search functionality to a site.

  • Testing: Techniques to integrate unit tests into your Meteor app.

  • Deployment: More details on the best ways to deploy to EC2 and load balance your application.

  • EJSON: Diving into Meteor’s EJSON data structure and seeing how you can store interesting stuff in the database.

  • Integrating 3rd Party Javascript: How to use client-side libraries (e.g. jquery plugins) in a sensible way in Meteor’s rendering framework.

  • Transitions and Animations: More details on how to do interesting animations and page transitions in Meteor.

  • Performance and Scaling: Some of the issue that you need to think about when running Meteor applications at scale, and ways to optimize.