If there’s a prize for “Most Meteor Meetups Attended in Different Cities, I think I’m probably in the running. After San Francisco, London, and Paris (Tokyo is hopefully coming soon too!), I’ll have a chance to meet up with Beijing’s Meteor enthusiasts on October 18th at the first Beijing Meteor Meetup.

This will be the first ever meetup in Beijing, so it will serve as an introduction to Meteor. This means that even if you haven’t had a chance to try out Meteor before, you’re more than welcome to join!

Show & Tell

And if you’ve already coded a couple Meteor apps, this will be your chance to show what you’ve built, and maybe gather some useful feedback. And I’ll also briefly introduce Discover Meteor, as well as give away discount codes in case you’d like to get the book.

As an aside, I have a personal connection with Beijing: it’s where I got my start with all this web stuff, building websites for a web agency a couple years ago. So I’m always happy to come back, say hello to old friends, and of course meet new people too.

Anyway, you’ll find more information about all this over at the meetup page. See you there!