Last week saw the release of the 0.8 update. This included a long-awaited feature: Blaze, Meteor’s new templating engine.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work to bring Discover Meteor up to date. So here’s an overview of what’s new, what’s changed, and what that means for you.

What Hasn’t Changed (Yet)

First, to get it out of the way, I should mention that some parts of the book haven’t been updated for 0.8 yet. Namely:

  • Sidebars, which are our more theoretical chapters, as opposed to the practical step-by-step regular chapters.
  • The Animations chapter, since Blaze drastically changes how templates render in Meteor.
  • Extra chapters, i.e. the chapters available in the Full and Premium editions.

All other chapters have been updated and tested with Meteor 0.8. We’ll take care of the remaining content shortly, but we thought it was better to release what we have now rather than wait any longer.

So How Much Will It Cost Me? (Nothing!)

As usual, this update is free. Again, here is our official update policy:

All updates to Discover Meteor will be free at least until Meteor version 1.0, included.

To be honest, even after 1.0 we expect most small updates will keep being free, unless Meteor introduces some major breaking changes that require rewriting a good chunk of the book. But that won’t happen. Right, guys?

So in any case, this means that whether you’ve already bought the book or you buy it now, you’ll get access to all new updates as they drop.

What’s New

Finally, let’s get to our main topic: what’s new in the book. The changelog is actually surprisingly short for such a major update, which speaks to how well Meteor have been able to preserve their APIs and avoid breaking changes.

Here are the changes, chapter by chapter (this changelog is also available inside the book’s member’s area):

  • Routing: Routing changes to support IR 0.7.0:
    • {{yield}} becomes {{> yield}}
    • Explicitly add loading hook.
    • Use onBeforeAction rather than before.
  • Adding Users: Minor change for Blaze:
    • {{loginButtons}} becomes {{> loginButtons}}
  • Creating Posts:
    • HTML changes for stricter parser.
    • Update our onBeforeAction hook to use pause() rather than this.stop()
  • Voting: Small change to the activeRouteClass helper.

Note that some of the changes in the routing chapter are due to Iron Router also being updated for 0.8.

And speaking of packages, we also want to thank the authors of the packages we depend on in the book for being reactive and updating them so quickly.

What’s Next

In the next couple days we’ll work on updating the remaining chapters, and we’ll also have a more detailed post about what Blaze means for Meteor apps. So stay tuned!

A Note For Translators

If you’re part of one of our translation teams, I would suggest taking a look at the GitHub diff of the 0.8 changes (note: you need to be authorized to see this view. Contact us if you need access) to see what parts of the text need to be updated.