Ever since launching the book, we’ve sold the regular edition for $39.

Now this may seem a little pricey compared to the latest A Song Of Ice And Fire book (hurry up already!), but we believe it was the right price point for us.

After all, Discover Meteor has a few things regular dead-tree books don’t: it includes an online version, multiple downloadable formats, and is constantly kept up to date for free (we’ve probably rewritten at least a third of the book since launch).

A New Era

But now, a little over a year later, things have changed. Meteor’s APIs have stabilised, the book has been doing really well, and the Meteor community is growing.

And when we recently made the first eight chapters of the book free for a limited time, we were able to witness just how much interest there is for Meteor.

All this to say that it makes sense to rethink our pricing and make the book more affordable to more people. So starting today, the regular edition of the book will cost $29.

We’ve already made the change, so you can go ahead and get the book now if you want to!

Education & Enterprise

In other pricing news, we’re also working on better bulk offerings for education and the enterprise. If that sounds interesting, feel free to get in touch to learn more.