Big news today: we’re proud to announce the launch of the Discover Meteor Podcast!

You can find it on iTunes, search for “Discover Meteor” in your favorite podcast app, subscribe to the RSS feed, or you can listen to/downloadq individual episodes (and read their transcripts) right here. We already have two shows ready for you!

Why A Podcast?

Although there are already quite a few excellent Meteor podcasts out there, we felt none of them did what we’re best at: taking core Meteor concepts and explaining them in simple terms.

So that’s exactly what we’ll do: in each episode, we’ll focus on a different aspect of building Meteor apps, and try to give you an overview of that specific topic.

This isn’t that different from what we’re already doing here on the blog, and in Discover Meteor itself. But I know it can be hard to find time to take a deep dive into a long, technical blog post. We all have bookmarks lists and read-it-later apps full of things we’ll definitely read soon.

Short & Sweet

On the other hand, it’s much easier to listen to a podcast while commuting, working out, or (my personal favorite) doing the dishes. For that reason, we’ve also decided to keep each episode short and sweet (generally under 20 minutes), and packed with information.

The first two episodes are about Meteor itself, and publications and subscriptions. And future topics might include things such as security, performance, routing, and more.

Before you ask, we won’t have a fixed release schedule. We want to make sure each episode is well-produced and easy to understand, so we’d rather take our time to make them perfect!

Who Is It For?

We’ll be honest: if you’ve been using Meteor for a while, or have read Discover Meteor, you’ll probably already be familiar with the content we’ll cover in the first couple episodes. Our goal is to help newcomers build up their understanding of the framework step by step, and that means going slowly and not taking anything for granted.

But don’t worry: as we ramp up towards more advanced episodes, I’m sure even the most die-hard Meteor hacker will be able to learn a thing or two.

A New Adventure

This is our first time producing a podcast, and we pretty much have no clue what we’re doing. So don’t hesitate to leave us feedback on the content, pacing, sound quality, or anything else you notice.

And of course, if you enjoy the show please leave us a review on iTunes or upvote it on Product Hunt to help others discover it!

Thanks to Spy Plastic for letting us use their track Audio Junk as our theme music.