Ever since we first published the digital edition of Discover Meteor, people have been asking for a print version of the book.

Obviously, we were thrilled to see such strong demand for a physical product, and we would’ve loved nothing more than to come out with a beautiful, shiny hardcover book!

The Problem

Except we were faced with a problem: throughout its young existence, Meteor has kept evolving so fast that any print edition would become outdated in a matter of months.

So it looked like keeping the book digital was the only way to be able to keep providing instant, free updates to our readers whenever necessary.

Until now, that is. Thanks to a revolutionary technological breakthrough, we’ve managed to create an actual physical print edition that also stays up-to-date transparently and automatically!

Component-Oriented Architecture

The breakthrough came when we realized that for the book as a whole to stay up to date, each page needed to be modifiable independently and reactively, just like collection data in a Meteor app.

In other words, we needed to move away from the traditional monolithic cover-page model, and refactor the book using a component-oriented architecture to ensure maximum flexibility and adaptability.

So we set to work. After numerous prototypes and failed ideas, we finally came up with a design that was both elegant and robust. And as soon as we started playing with it, we knew we had found the perfect solution:

The new Discover Meteor Print Edition.

How It Works

Whenever the book’s contents change, an update will be pushed to your mailbox via our new Direct Delivery Protocol (or DDP for short). You’ll then be able to use our new package management system to remove the outdated pages and add the ones you received instead.

Of course, one of the things people enjoyed about the digital edition was the care we brought to the overall user experience, and we made sure the print version has the same level of polish: the book features tab navigation and three-way binding, as well as an easy bookmarking system through our post-it add-on package.

Open Source Containers

What’s more, we’ve also decided to open-source our container architecture. This means any book will be able to benefit from our system as long as they adopt a compatible format.

We can already imagine a future where Discover Meteor will share a container with books on topics such as math, geography, or social studies!

Get It Now

You can pre-order the Discover Meteor Print Edition right now for the low price of $29.99 plus shipping costs (with a year of free updates included).