It’s already been one whole year since we first launched Discover Meteor. A little bit more than that even, since we held the book’s launch party on May 7th, 2013.

That launch week in San Francisco seems both quite far away, and like it just happened yesterday. And here’s an interesting fact: to this day, it’s also the only time Tom and I have ever met up face to face!

The Sale

We wanted to celebrate this anniversary in a big way, and that’s why we’re holding a 30% off sale, our biggest discount ever! Here’s how much you’ll save on each edition:

The sale will apply to all three editions, plus all updates from one edition to another. To get the discount, just get one of them any time from now until Sunday, May 25th.

But that’s not all. In addition to the sale, every purchase between now and the end of the week will be automatically entered in a special contest.

The Prizes

We’ll pick ten winners at random to win a prize package that will include:

  • A Discover Meteor t-shirt.
  • A free 1-month subscription to soon-to-launch Meteor APM.
  • A free 1-month subscription to Evented Mind.

The T-Shirt

A sneak peak at the Discover Meteor t-shirt

These t-shirts are so new that I don’t even own one myself. In fact right now, the only existing shirts are locked in a vault at Meteor HQ. But trust me, they’re going to be very cool!

They’ll be available to buy soon, but we’ll set aside the first batch for the contest winners.

Meteor APM


Meteor APM is Arunoda’s upcoming performance monitoring app. It was built from the ground up with Meteor apps in mind, and provides metrics on things like subscriptions, methods, and much more.

Evented Mind

Evented Mind

Evented Mind is Iron Router co-author Chris Mather’s video learning platform for Meteor.

With tons of videos in the library and more being added each week, it’s a great complement to Discover Meteor for when you’re ready to dive deeper into the intricacies of Meteor.

Getting Started

So, to sum things up: from May 19th to May 25th, you’ll be able to get the book for 30% off, and any purchase or upgrade during that time period will automatically enter you to win a t-shirt and subscriptions to MeteorAPM and Evented Mind.

Happy discovering!