Last week I posted about our upcoming workshop at the Meteor HQ. The announcement was very well received, and the workshop filled up in less than a day. But soon, we started hearing from people who would’ve loved to participate, but don’t live in San Francisco.

Read Discover Meteor For Free

So we’ve decided to extend our offer to the whole planet: no matter where you live, you’ll be able to read Discover Meteor online for free on Saturday, December 14th.

In case you’re not familiar with the book, here’s what the Meteor folks themselves have to say about it:

It’s the definitive, one-stop guide to building real-time web apps using Meteor, and it will take you from novice to building a real-time Hacker News/Reddit clone from scratch.

Whether you think Meteor is the second coming of Rails, or just one more fancy new framework, what’s really cool is that it’s fairly easy to get started. And we think having the book to help you out will make things even easier.

So just register here, and you’ll be notified as soon as the book becomes available!

Common Questions

What do I need to know to understand the book?

While anybody should be able to get something from the book no matter their background, the book does assume that you’re familiar with HTML/CSS as well as basic JavaScript syntax (defining a function, setting a variable, if/else, etc.).

What will I get access to exactly?

You’ll have free access to the online HTML version of the book’s 14 chapters and 11 sidebars (special chapters focused more on theory) for all day Saturday, December 14th. (Note: we had initially said that free access would be limited to the first 6 chapters, but we then decided we might as well go all in :)

Will the book be available in my timezone?

Yes, we will make sure we make the book equally available to all timezones, from Samoa all the way to American Samoa.

Do I need to sign up to access the book?

No, the book will be openly available online. But if you leave us your email on EventBrite, we’ll let you know when the book becomes accessible.

What’s preventing me from just downloading the book while it’s free?

Nothing. We don’t believe in DRM or other anti-piracy measures, so we prefer to simply trust you. Note that if you pirate the book, you also won’t get access to future updates or our extra content (which includes extra chapters, screencasts, and videos).

Will you do this again?

We don’t know yet. We’ll decide based on how this all goes!