It took us a little while, but we’ve just updated the book for Meteor 1.2.

We actually had most of the changes ready a while back, but things got in the way (as they tend to do): Tom was in San Francisco working with his new colleagues, and I was busy putting the finishing touches to our new podcast.

But the podcast is released and Tom is back home, so we finally found the time to release the update. As usual it’s free if you’ve already bought the book, and you can check it out right here.

What’s Changed

As usual you can check out the full changelog to get all the changes, but briefly speaking the main change concerns how you include Meteor’s default packages.

As the Meteor 1.2 upgrade guide mentions:

Before Meteor 1.2, pretty much all apps included the meteor-platform package, which in turn included a list of core packages such as blaze, tracker, and ddp. The advantage of this approach was that most apps shared a standard base set of packages. However, you could not remove any of the default packages even if you weren’t using them. This made it difficult to switch to a different view layer and made the Meteor platform feel like a monolith when it is actually a collection of loosely coupled packages. ​ In Meteor 1.2, meteor-platform is deprecated, and apps that used it should instead depend on core packages explicitly.

You can see this reflected in Microscope’s new packages file.

Other changes include a few clarifications, and a lot of small fixes throughout the book.

What’s Next

Meteor 1.2 also brought ECMAScript 2015 support to Meteor. Although we didn’t have time to go through the book and add in the new syntax for this update, it’s something we do want to do. So stay tuned for more ECMASCript 2015 news soon!